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Ridgeview High School7

Bakersfield, CA | Kern County

August 2, 2012

I attended Ridgeview from 2007 to 2011. I was meant to attend IHS, a neighboring school, but transferred to RHS to attend their Information Technology Academy. My experience with this program gave me a better education than I could have received out of it. I was given many hands-on learning opportunities and I was encouraged to work hard. The other college prep classes not involved in this program are mediocre and the teachers lack involvement with the students. My other good experience was with the performing arts department. All the teachers in that department dedicate full focus to their students and are passionate about their jobs. Other than that, the administration at RHS lacks so much, and so do the other departments on campus. The students tend to be unruly and they seem to have a careless attitude toward their education. I wish I had better to say about this campus, which is unclean majority of the time, but sadly, I do not. I am still a proud Wolf Pack alumni, but in the end, the school will never be the same as when it opened it's doors.

Submitted by a student

July 30, 2009

Overall ridgeview has excellent sports programs, as well as its academics. The teachers and coaches are very helpful and inspiring. The atmosphere is always inviting and vibrant.

Submitted by a student

May 21, 2009

My boys attend Ridgeview and overall we have had positive experinces with both the certified and classified staff. My sons have recived a quality educatin in a safe setting with wonderful support from the teachers!!!

Submitted by a parent

April 19, 2009

Most of the CP classes just goof off and get no work done. In most of my class, many people just pass the time by talking while the teacher tries to calm the class down. In the end, it is not a bad school. It is the lack of control.

Submitted by a student

December 11, 2008

I used to attend this school. My memories of it are golden. But I must say, the teaching staff (for the most part) at this school seem entirely detached from the student body in every personal way. With the exception of a few lighthearted and more caring teachers, most teachers keep the students on a need-to-do basis with the students. Assignments are empty and dry and usually just clipped from a page in the textbook. It seems as if everyone is only looking to get ahead to the next step in this school--teachers and students alike. It's as if this school is just some kind of necessary stepping stone and nothing more to the attendees. But I hold strong to the conviction that attitude only reflects leadership.

November 24, 2008

I've recently transferred from Ridgeview to a new high school. The changes are IMMENSE. First off, Ridgeview lacks disciplinary action, security guards socialize more with each other than with the children they're responsible for. Teachers don't seem to abide by what administration asks of them and although I believe it is important to teach how it is preferred, they are so adament about defying admin, they are deviating from what needs to be taught. The Wolfpack Vanguard (Band) is the only shining star amidst this dark universe of high school. The instruction the band is under is excellent and I strongly insist that this program remain praised and looked at as one of Rhs's fine points. As far as leadership by the principal, I couldn't even tell you what his or her name was. There was no interaction clear during my years at Ridgeview with the principal and my classes.

Submitted by a student

June 15, 2008

Ridgeview is adecent school with teaches who relate to and help their students. Everyone wants each other to succeed in this school. The athletics are great, and the band is well known here, so that means we actually do care for what we do, and how we do things at Ridgeview High School.

Submitted by a student

September 27, 2007

Ridgeview has a student population more than it was designed for. Although the problems with my child at Ridgeview has been immeadiatly acted on the school remains understaffed in some areas including security and supervision. Traffic is terrible in the area and neither the school or local police control the students jaywalking which interfers with traffic flow. A cross walk in front of the school should be protected by lights to help with traffic flow. My child reports that some classes is noisy and out of control

Submitted by a parent

July 23, 2007

I am a student at Ridgeview and I don't see a lot wrong with it except that parents should be more involed with big events. Other than that everything else is fine, clubs are doing a great jobs with organizing events, band is rocking, and as a fellow athlete I have to say that I see my peers really 'get their head in the game.'

Submitted by a student

August 28, 2006

No one at this school cares!

Submitted by a parent

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